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Monday June 25, 2007 // By Sarah

I can haz summores?

Some of the ways in which Clementine is just like the raccoons that visited us on our trip to Devil’s Lake.

1. Even when she knows you have seen her trying to do something bad like sneak off with pieces of your food (Clementine) or climb up on your picnic table despite the fact that you are yelling loudly and shining a flashlight at her (raccoon), she will maintain that she is invisible. Who me? I’m not even here. She may even stand up on her hind legs and look around nonchalantly as if to say, I am not a cat/raccoon! I am a very small human. Let’s hang out and eat cheezburgers.

2. When trapped in an uncomfortable or confusing situation like upside down in my lap (Clementine) or in a wire live trap (raccoon), she will quickly fall asleep. When she wakes up, she will feel sad that she has been played so brutally, but then she will pretty much forget and go back to sleep.

3. She’s big-boned, but please don’t mention it; she’s pretty embarrassed about the size of her back end.

(photo by Stacey)

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