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Thursday June 28, 2007 // By Sandy

Back on the organic track

Ever since Luke and Ellen started to get veggies from their CSA a few weeks ago, we’ve been looking on anxiously, counting down the days to the delivery of our first box. Last week, our box finally arrived. Even though I was on my bike, I stopped by our pick-up point, a local Lutheran Church about a half-mile from our house, to see if I could carry it home. I was surprised to find that the Home Grown Wisconsin people run such a tight operation that all the veggies were pre-packaged into one box, which was cleverly sealed in such a way that I could balance on my handlebars as I cycled home. They may start a few weeks later than our late, beloved Wormfarm, but they were already earning points.

As soon as I got home, I opened to box to inspect the goods. Lucy hopped up on the counter to help with the inspection. Lucy loves her some greens. She’s the reason we can’t have many plants sitting around (definitely not our lackluster watering skills). She sauntered over to the bunch of chives hanging out of the box and started munching away. Neither my shooing nor her lack of opposable thumbs distracted her from her mission — to pull that shit of the box and get it in her belly.

It’s now a week later, and I’m proud to say almost everything out of that box has been eaten. We’ve struggled, in past years, to make use of everything that we get from the farm, though not from lack of appetite. We’ve just not planned it all very well. This year we’ve made a promise to ourselves to be much more strict. This first week has been a good start. (Being responsible for feeding dinner and breakfast to six people at Devil’s Lake this weekend helped.) Roughly, here’s how it broke down:

  • Spinach: sauteed for lunch Thursday
  • Scallions: sauteed at campsite for inclusion in steamboats and scrambled eggs
  • Salad greens: part of campsite dinner
  • Arugula: ditto
  • Sunflower sprouts: ditto
  • Two boxes of strawberries: turned into a dutch oven cobbler
  • One bunch of rhubarb: see strawberries
  • Kale: added to Eggplant Parmesan sauce yesterday

Leaving just the chives, which we fully intended to scramble into the eggs for breakfast Saturday, but which got unintentionally left in the cooler and forgotten about. Accident, or sneaky ploy by Lucy to get them all to herself? Not until you learn how to open the fridge on your own, little lady.

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