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Saturday August 18, 2007 // By Sandy

Thirty seven couplets about our week in the Northeast

Rain’s coming; American says no delay
Psych! What’s ninety more minutes anyway?

Thrifty rental lot is waaaaay out in back
At least our Sentra has an iPod jack

Breakfast at Zaftig’s in Brookline with Catherine
Hash is okay, the Benedict I’d eat again

Send the day working at local cafes
Municipal wi-fi is the dopest new craze

A few minutes browsing a vintage clothes store
With my fetching new sweater, I need a pompadour

Eben and Jessica and their new baby Eva
A tiny little stinker, way cuter than Tom Sneva

The morning rolls in with a cool, dewy fog
Following the river, I tour Waltham with a jog

A day at the lake even though it was rainy
With Elisa and sons, and Jonah, who’s brainy

The rain doesn’t stop us from a peaceful walk-around
Jonah keeps out an eye for hallowed Indian ground

Below-average temps meant a relatively warm pond
Do we dare swim? The conclusion’s forgone

Patient boys rewarded with pancakes at IHOP
Yummy cheese blintzes, up which my fork does mop

The belly is heavy but the pants a tad light
My wallet! Left at IHOP. There goes my night

Organic veggies and herbs from Amanda’s farm
Make for a dinner divine, full of hand-tilled charm

Four hours driving to the Green Mountain state
By way of the IHOP, now which I vehemently hate

A little hotel TV before the day’s done
Godfather Part II keeps me up till half past one

Morning hike on Mt. Equinox is our little plan
Signage should never be set in fugly Comic Sans

Lunch and some Scrabble at the bookstore cafe
Now off to the quarry, we whisk ourselves away

Cliffs that range from two feet to forty-five
Surround a giant swimming hole, defying you to dive

The best I can do is a simple free fall
To try a dive or a flip takes titanium balls

Evening is spent at Jed’s family’s barn
Seeing family and friends and playing Popcorn

Sunday is wedding day but not until four
Leaving Sarah time to shop and me to hike more

Won’t ever forget brunch at Up For Breakfast cafe
How do I not eat maple bacon every freakin’ day?

Wedding gets started at (half-past) four o’clock
Ketubah is filled with each guest’s John Hancock

As chuppah pole holder, I get a primo view
Of my little sister and Jed to each other saying “I Do”

A short ceremony surrounded by their closest
Then a scrumptious dinner and a compulsory toastses

Congratulations, Lilli, time to smoke that cigar
And a sincere thanks for the well-stocked open bar

Monday we drive to New York City with Oli
The egg salad’s not so bad at Diner de Johnny

Afternoon coffee with Nicole and Jon S.
At Le Pain Quotidien at 84th and Columbus

F train to Brooklyn for dinner with Ed and McG
And Lizzie, more charming than the bourgeoisie

Lunch the next day at Ssäm Bar, so neat-o
You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Korean burrito

Cooper Hewitt for design so modern and clean
An epic game of Scrabble: missed 500 by thirteen

Dinner at WD-50 for Josh’s thirty-first
A feast of the senses; our brains almost burst

Last day’s for theatre, not before an NY bagel
For an extra piece of lox I dare not finagle

A walk in the park, a Shackburger for lunch
A serendipitous run-in with the whole Kottke bunch

Frost/Nixon is amazing, starring Langella
Sheen, who played Frost, is nothing less than stella

Rush back to Chez Greenberg, to pack up our stuff
Dear Josh & Jenny, we can’t thank you enough

Two hours on the tarmac is almost a crime
Then again, I’m not bored… I’ve got time to write rhymes!

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