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Monday September 10, 2007 // By Sandy

Year one

Three hundred and sixty five days ago, we gathered with our closest friends at Promontory Point in Chicago and got ourselves hitched. It was a windy, rainy, blustery day, but it could do nothing to damper the spirit of the event. In fact, nine people out of ten don’t even remember that it rained that day. The other one inevitably reminds me about how auspicious it is to have rain on your wedding day. (That’s ‘auspicious’, not ‘ironic’.)

So far, so very very good. How could it have possibly been one year already? It’s gone by incredibly fast. We did this thing a lot right after the wedding where we’d turn to each other, slap the other person’s shoulder and say, “What the hell! Did we just get married?!” It’s been a year, and we still do it. We’re in our thirties, and we’re still constantly amazed at all the adult things we do (or are allowed to do). I see this as a good thing. I’d hate to get complacent about it.

And yet, of course we got married. It was inevitable. Everything before was just prelude. Which I guess means now we’re in chapter one, and there’s a whole meaty story ahead, waiting for us. So far, things bode well. We had rain on our wedding day, an auspicious sign, and then today, one year later, an even nastier storm. Is that also auspicious? I’m going to go with yes. I’m going to go with: The worse the weather is on your wedding or anniversary, the more the universe wants you to be together.

I think the annual test of that is going to be our new tradition: heading out to Promontory to take an anniversary picture on the rocks. Mother Nature did her best today to keep us away today, but neither rain nor windy nor splashing waves could prevent us from documenting the completion of year one. May there be many, many, many (rainy) more.

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