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Thursday September 13, 2007 // By Sarah

Time Capsule - One Year

A small group of friends gathered with us Monday night to celebrate our one year anniversary with – what else – bowling. As a special treat everyone got to help us open the one year time capsule box. With bets in place as to how many slips would reference pregnancy or babies, we dove in. Some highlights…

Past and present collided in strange ways:

  • Luke struck out on his wish for us to have “blue skies and songbirds on your anniversary walk to the point,” but Jeremy scored with his freakishly prescient comment, on a slip marked Make a Prediction About Our Future: “It’s raining today, and that’s okay.”
  • The photographers both slipped in reminders for us to order our prints (not quite done) and Sandy’s cousins checked on whether we’d scheduled the kayak trip they gave us as a wedding present (done!).

There was some practical advice for life:

  • “Go visit Jeremy and Catherine Morse” presumably from Jeremy and Catherine Morse.
  • “Next time you have 7-4 offsuit, go all in with it. Trust me” from Secho.
  • “May Sarah never again purchase a skein of yarn that may only be wound by hand” from Donna. (It’s a long story, interesting only to knitters…suffice it to say that it’s good advice.)
  • “Eat cheesecake lollipops on all of your anniversaries!” from Jill. Man, I wish we could take this advice.
  • One of my youth program grads who was manning the kids’ area had some advice about dealing with family which, well…it’s possible she was projecting. “I thought it would be nice to remind you, because family (and friends) can be frustrating at times, that you are incredibly fortunate to have a bevy of people who adore you, even if it seems like they’re being difficult. I just wanted to remind you to be patient and forgiving toward anyone who might be driving you up the wall right now.”
  • An anonymous note, probably from Warner, gave this valuable, if confusing advice: “Like Bob and Tom sing about…Sex cures it! There’s no such thing as too much – just take it one at a time.” Take what one at a time? Never mind. Don’t answer that.

And important wishes and plans for our future:

There were lovely memories of the wedding and sweet words about our love:

  • Asya, my college roomate said, “I will never forget how you two looked at each other during the ceremony – like you were the air each other breathed.”
  • From Nikki and JP: “The backbone of our marriage, and, I suspect, yours too: you are each other’s true home.”
  • Ben Timberlake’s, in the form of a dare: “If Sarah smile could be more radiant or Sandy’s smirk more taut than they were that morning, I will swim across that lake.”

And, of course, the main event. Matthew won the prize on this one, guessing that there would be 13 separate references to my womb or products thereof. (A total of 20% of all the notes in the box). These ran the gamut in style, tone, and content.

  • Pithy: “Fertility.” Unsigned.
  • Authoritative: “Get yourself a baby. Or a dog!” Catherine M. Also, from 90-year-old family friend Shirley, “Now that you’re used to the married state it’s time for parenthood.” Yes Ma’am.
  • Oddly specific and 100% wrong: “You’ve got a baby named ALVIN!” from Sandy’s dad.
  • Very sweet: “Sarah will be the most natural, beautiful pregnant woman.” from Sarah, my college roommate.
  • A glimpse of my parents’ past from their friend Sandy I.: “Well, it’s time to begin watching the soaps in search of names for your future Weiszettes.” (If I’m remembering the story correctly, my brother might have been named after a character from Ryan’s Hope if he’d been a girl… Mom, can you confirm or deny this?)
  • Lilli went for a visual representation:

No, internet, we’re not pregnant yet. We’ll let you know. Meanwhile, we’re very much enjoying the married state, and Sandy’s smirk remains as taut as ever.

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