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Tuesday October 2, 2007 // By Sandy

She knits, he bikes

When I ran into my cousins at the end of the Apple Cider Century this weekend, and told them about how I was riding with Luke and Levi, while all of our better halves were spending the weekend knitting in a rented house in Saugatuk, they summed it up nicely. “What a thirty-something thing to do.”

It’s true, we’ve reached that part of our lives where the wives are running off together for the weekend while the men spend our bachelor time doing something athletic. Except in our case it was Saugatuk and knitting, instead of Vegas and gambling, and it was biking 62 miles around the local streets of southwestern Michigan, not heading to the Northwoods to fish.

Our Sundays
Our Sundays

Nor did we men spend the whole weekend engaged in a marathon of male bonding. We didn’t even see each other until Sunday. With all of women gone, each of us did very close to the same thing on Saturday, but separately: read, watch movies, write on our computers, and generally stay out of society. That in itself is very thirty-something behavior (or at least being comfortable with it is), and I for one welcome our Saturdays of peace.

Because both parties were in Michigan Sunday, we arranged to meet at dinnertime in New Buffalo for some tasty Redamak’s cheeseburgers. As the men parked the car and got out, we saw the ladies peering at us through the restaurant’s screen window. It had a very indie-movie-happy-ending-type mise en scène to it, and I could just see the crane shot pulling away up and over the parking lot as each of us reunited with our briefly estranged loved ones.

Okay, it’s possible I see too many movies. It’s also possible my life is so lacking in drama that I too frequently imagine myself inside of one. No complaints, of course; I’ll take imagined drama over real-life drama any day. I know, it’s so thirty-something of me.

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