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Wednesday November 7, 2007 // By Sarah

Making stuff

I like to make stuff, as you may have gathered. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

1. The sweater that will never be finished, that I’ll still be knitting when I’m very, very old. It started out as one of these (though charcoal grey, not red), but then I hated the way the bottom looked, hated the elbow-length sleeves, and set it down for almost a year. Then I ripped half of it out. Now it’s got full length sleeves and a straight body. But it needs a collar, I’m running out of yarn, and the thought of knitting those 500 stitch rows all the up and down the front is giving me carpal tunnel syndrome of the brain. So, I’m taking a break.

In happier craft news….

2. The sweater that I finished very quickly. I broke the curse of some 15-year-old red wool by turning it into a sweater for a Red Sox-loving little guy. I even got it to him before the Sox had finished sweeping the series. Hey! I sewed a zipper into a knit sweater! That’s kind of cool.

3. A hat that I finished even quicker. Like, almost on a single plane ride to San Francisco. Knitting baby hats is the key to easy satisfaction.

4. Freezer paper stencils. Everyone else in the craft world caught onto this a while ago. It took some doing to track down freezer paper (of all places, I found it at the strange supermarket next to the JoAnn’s on Elston), but that was the most time consuming part of the whole project. Easy-peasy to cut out a stencil, iron it on, and dab on some paint. I’m totally going to do more of these, and since it was such a pain to find the freezer paper, I stockpiled enough to last for several years.

5. I quilted something! It’s not patchwork, it’s not bound properly (in fact it’s pretty shoddily hemmed altogether), and it doesn’t lay exactly flat. But I quilted it (along the lines of the branches), and it’s really, really pretty.

It’s possible I’ve got a few other secret projects up my sleeve, but I can’t talk about them because, you know, they’re secret. Duh.

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