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Monday November 19, 2007 // By Sarah

Surprise! Brunch!

Last weekend I threw Sandy an extremely tiny surprise party to augment his birthday celebrations. Since I am an unbelievably bad liar, I wanted to do something as simple as possible. I decided that it would be easier to have people just show up at our house rather than trying to get Sandy to someplace at a certain time.

We used to do this in college all the time – it would be your birthday and then over the course of an hour all your friends would just happen to drop by and your roommates would just happen to have a mini-fridge full of beer and some chips. Surprise! (Until, of course, we’d done it so many times that it wasn’t surprising at all).

The only trick was that I needed to be absolutely sure that Sandy wouldn’t just decide to go to a coffeeshop or take a run at exactly the time our friends were expected. Matthew offered to be my shill:

Are you all booked up this weekend? Wanna geek-out with our MacBooks? Say around 10:30 tomorrow? I’m trying to get mine all cool and set up for work… I would also like to ask you some questions as I begin to navigate my way around CMSs, mySQL, and PHP, if you wouldn’t mind…

Matthew worried that perhaps the email was over the top. Would Sandy get suspicious of all the internet acronyms piled together like that?

No, my friends, he suspected nothing. As our small company assembled (“Hey! I was in the neighborhood…with three cartons of orange juice!”), Sandy was confused, then intrigued, then excited. But, just as I expected, as soon as he realized that Matthew’s email had been a ruse, he had a moment of sadness, realizing that he wasn’t going to get the two hours talking about CMSs, mySQL, and PHP that he’d been dreaming of.

I’m sorry, baby. Happy birthday.

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