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Friday February 8, 2008 // By Sarah

A long time ago [we used to be friends]

A long time ago, I used to spend lots of nights at home eating cereal for dinner and watching teen fluff on the WB. Now that I’m married, we mostly have dinner for dinner, and watch good movies. Sometimes we do something else useful and fun with our time like play scrabble or plan a vacation.

But I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I kind of miss my nights of Roswellian debauchery.

So, when I got two nights this week to curl up on the couch with Clementine and watch Veronica Mars DVDs and eat oatmeal, it was kind of a delightful gift. And, to top it off, I also got to finish a (mostly) fabulous mystery novel and figured out how to make amazingly easy flavored hot chocolate.*

When I used to do this every night for weeks at a time, it got to be kind of a drag. But, a few nights every now and then? Come on now sugar, bring it on, bring it on.

(*) Heat a cup of milk in a pot. Whisk in a tablespoon of dutched cocoa powder, a few teaspoons of sugar, and a few chocolate chips for good measure. When it’s all hot and dissolved, add 1/8 t. of flavored extract or liqueur of your choice. Mmmmm…orange hot chocolate.

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