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Sunday April 20, 2008 // By Sarah

Magic pill

The receptionist at my disorganized doctor’s office was brief:

“Hello? Sarah? The doctor wants to start you on Synthroid, so could you tell me the phone number of your pharmacy?”

Whoa. Hold on a second. What?

Turns out that on my yearly cholesterol and thyroid check, my TSH level was over 4. Turns out, further, that this is not a spiked reading. It was over 4 last year. So why am I suddenly a candidate for the most awesomely robotic-sounding medicine ever? They changed the guidelines*. I was legislated into hypothyroidism.

But here’s the thing. This is fabulous news. It turns out that the symptoms of hypothyroidism are essentially every single thing I’ve ever thought about myself and said, “I wish I wasn’t…” lazy lethargic unable to concentrate
...gaining weight
...kinda depressed

So, magic robot pill, let’s get this party started.

[*] Yes, I realize this article implies that the guidelines changes in 2003. I told you: my doctor is disorganized.

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