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Sunday May 25, 2008 // By Sandy

The Way Wii Roll

In retrospect, I’m not clear what drove me to buy a Wii, other than I finally, simply could. Wiis have been scarce from the begining. It requires a little bit of luck or a willingness to pay a premium in order to get one. I opted for the former, deferring my decision to fate, which was embodied in a the two or three Wii tracking systems I subscribed to. For six months or so, I’d receive an alert, only to find that clicking the link to Amazon or wherever resulted in an “Out of Stock” message. And then one day last week, for the first and last time, that message turned into an “Add to Cart” button. Four days later, I had a Wii. I realize the unsoundness of this decision making, but in my world, simply finding a way to make a decision is reason enough to be happy.

The concern now turned to Sarah, and how much she’d freak out. The last thing she wants is me spending countless hours frying my brain in front of the TV. Frankly, it’s the last thing I want as well, but one can’t always control one’s impulses. Turns out I’d read her all wrong. She was thrilled. Let the record show that she went so far as to call me “the best husband ever.” Who knew she had this secret love of video games? Now we’re looking at a situation where she may play more often than me. It’s possible I created a monster.

When you’re a kid, you dream about being an financially solvent adult, with a free time that you alone control. I don’t remember having the specific thought “When I grew up, I’d play Nintendo all day,” but I’m sure it crossed my mind. Then, somewhere down the line, playing video games became less important to me than, say, leisurely reading. Up to now, I’ve never wanted a console enough to spend my own money buying one. So I’m finding the phenomenon of having this Wii in our living room to be a little disorienting. Am I regressing, or am I finally fulfilling that dream of the ten-year-old me — or is that the same thing? Be careful with your answer, or you may end up meeting business end of a flying red turtle shell.

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