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Monday May 26, 2008 // By Sarah

Garden IV: Defeat of the Squash Borer

So far this spring I’ve been cycling between feeling like I’m an old expert gardener (three whole seasons under my belt!) and feeling like I’m still a total poser (only three measly seasons…)

We’re trying some new things this summer (beets, kale, green onions) and some variation (heirloom tomatoes), some things that were horrible and disgusting failures last year (squash) and some that were surprise hits (arugula, if I can find the seeds). Also: snap peas, serrano peppers, lettuce, and a lot of herbs.

We’re also experimenting with composting for the first time. We just started throwing scraps in our Earth Machine in the winter, so there’s not much compost in there yet. It’s mostly a barrel of moldy orange peels, rotten lettuce, and some dead leaves. Still if you dig down a little, there’s enough honest-to-goodness compost down there to stop me feeling like it’s just a really dirty garbage can.

This part of the spring – especially a spring as cold as this one – is rough for the insecure gardener. Everything still looks so tiny and bare. None of my seeds have started poking up yet, so I’m sure they never will. The basil seedlings and parsley look a little tenuous, and I’m convinced that the onions will blow away with the next strong wind.

But I’ve been through this before. In a few weeks the thing will be a riotous tangle of green, and my early season worries that nothing will grow will be replaced by concern that everything’s growing way too much.

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