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Thursday May 29, 2008 // By Sarah

Small victories

Here are some things I’m really enjoying right now:

What do these things have in common? I’m not really terribly good at any of them. I’m not bad at them. I’m just really rough around the edges. I get lots of words in Scramble, but miss tons of really obvious ones (oh, you mean you can put an S on the end and make another word? seriously?). I’m not bad at solid ground road races, but give Baby Peach a cliff/bridge/wall/platform to fall off of, and I’ll spend the race repeatedly plunging her off. And I totally made a sample mock-up of the top, but one of the sleeves is on backwards and inside out.

I certainly don’t love all things that I’m not too good at. Several years ago I played El Grande one time, was terrible at it, and vowed never to play it again. I refuse to play Werewolf. So I’m trying to figure out what separates the pastimes I’ll persevere in versus those I drop immediately.

I think the key is that I like things I can pull apart to find small wins. Single awesome long words I found. Single races won. Sleeve on backwards? Bah. Look at this cool ruffling thing I did on the neck!

Posted by Levi Stahl // May 30, 00:47
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