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Sunday June 1, 2008 // By Sandy

My year in photos, so far

I didn’t set out at the beginning of the year to do a photo-a-day project. I kinda fell into it. It was January 5, and I was posting photos of the trip to Vegas from which we’d just returned. Having taken at least one shot per day on our trip, plus one on New Year’s, it occurred to me that was already four steps down the photo-a-day path. So I decided to turn it into a full-blown thing.

I’d been wanting to engage in some kind of expansive art project for a while. I don’t ever get very far; every time I consider something, the scope seems so daunting that I never get started. This particular project had appeal in that a) it required a small, regulated bit of effort every day, and b) I’d already inadvertently started it.

I’d seen other Flickr photogs engage in similar exercises, and they’d done so with such seemingly little effort that I think it gave me an unwarranted boost of confidence. Had I know how much work it actually is, I may never have started. Taking a photograph a day is tough. For those days when the scenery — home, office, supermarket — hardly changes, it’s a real challenge to find something new to shoot. Despite my willingness to photograph it, the world doesn’t need another picture of colorful produce.

Fortunately, that struggle is also what forces me to become a much more aware — and I hope better — photographer, which was one of my goals in setting out to do this. I’m not kidding myself — I know a good portion of these photographs wouldn’t pass the normal screening process. But I also know that the same sense of obligation that’s forcing me to shoot the mediocre stuff is also the reason I get the occasional gem.

I’m almost halfway done. The dread that comes with that statistic is only offset by the onset of summer. With it comes more outdoor activities, which means more people wearing more colorful clothes doing more photo-worthy things. Oh god, I desperately hope so. Otherwise, we’re destined for another seven months of this:

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