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Friday September 17, 2004 // By Sandy

Back to reality

Last night at dinner I shared my surprise upon learning, only a few days ago, that Sarah and I will be closing the deal not at the condo, but at the offices of a title company, many miles away from our newly bought property. I’ve had this vision in my head for as long as I’ve known about closings that the transaction took place out in front of the property, on the lawn, with the sun beaming down and the butterflies flittering about and the birds erupting into song. The lender would be there, as would the agents, and the whole process would take but a few seconds—I hand over a check for a very large amount of money in one hand, while the lender hands me a set of keys with the other. And we’d hug, and open the door, and cross the threshhold, and the world would rejoice.

In retrospect, I can admit that was an awfully silly idea. Someone at dinner offered the suggestion that it came from years of seeing advertisements and websites and book covers that all portray the same scene: an agent slapping a “SOLD!” sticker on the “For Sale” sign in the yard while the happy buyers stand nearby, holding each other and smiling in the bliss of newly acquired debt.

So instead of this idyllic scene, we’ll be spending the afternoon in an office building, apparently signing document after document, with nary a minute to read them all. No butterflies, no chirping birds. As if that weren’t anticlimactic enough, we’ll leave the office as homeowners, but with no home—we don’t actually take possession until the next day. We’re both skipping work the whole day Tuesday; even though I imagine we’ll only need a couple hours for closing, I can’t imagine concentrating on anything that afternnoon other than the minutes before we get to take our first steps into our new home.

One book I’ve been reading suggests doing something significant to celebrate the occasion of ownership, possession or no. The example they give: immediately going to the drug store to buy a mailbox with your name engraved on it. I think we’ll be skipping that option, but I’d still like to do something memorable. (And don’t suggest going to a nice dinner. We’ve already got that part covered. What’s another $70 when you’re already spending thousands?)

So, you got any ideas?

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