A route begins to form

by Sandy

Chicago, IL

Jun 23

So we’re going on this road trip. Sarah told you about it a few weeks ago. We took all your advice about where to go, along with the advice of everyone who’d let us bend their ear in the last month, mixed it a big pot, let it simmer for a few days, and came up with this:

→ Iowa City
→ Mississipi River
→ Minneapolis
→ Apostle Islands/Lake Superior
→ Upper Peninsula
→ Mackinac Island
→ Sault Ste Marie
→ Sudbury, Ontario
→ Montreal
→ Quebec City
→ Lake Champlain, Vermont
→ Adirondack Mountains
→ Niagara Falls
→ Pittsburgh
→ Ypsilanti, Michigan
→ Chicago

All in 17 days. Sound insane? It may be.

In actuality, the trip will likely pan out in a way substantially different from how we’ve mapped it. Plans, mice, men, and all that. These are rough touchstones of the areas of the country we’d like to see. We’re going into this with a heavy dose of flexibility, completely willing to change direction and duration as it comes to us, as long as we get back home before a certain somebody’s vacation days run out.

The destination most likely to go is Quebec City. It’s five hours out of the way, round-trip. On the other hand, we hear it’s gorgeous, and it’s only five hours out of the way, round-trip. Similarly high up for elimination is Niagara Falls, which is only on the list because it’s a easy spot between the Adirondacks and Pittsburgh, and apparently Superman visits there. But neither of us are the touristy, faux-romantic (fauxmantic?) types.

Nailing down this path was tough. My thought was it’d be the toughest decision of the trip, but now, of course, we’re facing hundreds of more decisions about where to stay, what to see, where to eat, etc. It’s enough to make a guy’s circuits go haywire.

So, help us out? Ever been to any of the above places, or traveled the routes between? Got any recommendations about where to go? The travel books are thick, and we don’t care to sort through them all, so we’re likely to give high priority to a trusted recommendation. Particular categories we’re interested in:

— Hotels/motels/guest rooms
— Restaurants
— Ice cream shoppes
— Parks/campgrounds
— Swimming holes
— Offbeat museums
— Mini-golf courses

One more thing: we’re going to have to take interstates (and interprovinces) if we want to finish this trip before October, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. If you’ve got a particular stretch of two-lane highway you think is worth taking, point it out. The fewer semi-trucks and Cracker Barrels, the better.


Luke Jun 23 / 10:23 PM
Sandy Jun 24 / 08:02 AM
Megan Jun 24 / 09:31 AM
Jim Jun 25 / 11:51 AM
donna Jun 25 / 05:12 PM
Sandy Jun 26 / 03:34 PM
Joe Jun 28 / 02:36 PM
Joe Jun 28 / 02:43 PM
Sandy Jun 28 / 04:16 PM
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The Numbers

miles driven
miles ridden by ferry
~ 105
gallons of petrol purchased
cheapest price per gallon (Roseville, MN)
priciest price per gallon (Rural Ontario)
nights spent at friends' homes
nights spent at hotels/motels
nights spent at B&Bs
nights spent camping
photos taken
unsolicited questions about the Fit and its gas mileage
unsolicited admirations about our awesome Travel Scrabble kit
lottery tickets purchased
money won
Sandy's license plate game score
Sarah's license plate game score
Head's up Trival Pursuit record, Sandy v. Sarah
Mini-golf record, Sandy v. Sarah
First game
Second game
speeding warnings received
speeding citations received
mph over limit we were driving
mph over limit nice Michigan state officer cited on ticket

The Plan

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