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Monday September 20, 2004 // By Sarah

Out of the Forest and Into the Wheat Field

We were going to paint the living room green. We had paint chips. We had paint samples. We made posterboards with different greens to hang on the walls to discuss. We had more paint chips.

With all these greens to choose from, we were sure that we could find the green of our dreams. Both of our dreams. But, as it turns out, Sandy dreams in dark, dark, dark forest green, and I dream in bright eucalyptus.

We went to the condo yesterday and gazed at greens. And we realized we couldn’t paint the room green. There was no compromise that was going to leave either of us the least bit happy.

So, wheat. Or, Harvest Time, to be precise. And we found other ways to compromise. I got Ivory in the hallway (too light and bland for Sandy) and he got Onandaga Clay in the bedroom (to me, dark like a cave).

The kitchen is going to be yellow like we both wanted. The perfect yellow for the room, in fact, courtesy of the mother of the seller, who was in the kitchen packing when we tried to match the paint chips to the kitchen tiles. “I’m really very good at this,” she said as she took the pile of yellow cards away from me. She was. It was totally bizarre, but she was really very good at it.

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