T-minus two days and counting

by Sandy

Chicago, IL

Jul 1

Forty-eight hours until we take off. Let’s see where we stand.

Me, I’ve spent an inappropriate amount of time in the last few days redesigning and reconfiguring this website to accommodate us on our travels. There are much more responsible ways I could have been spending that time, like planning our trip, but this seemed more fun. I’m done with planning, anyway. We know which way we want to go — the rest of the chips will fall as they need to.

Meanwhile, Sarah has already finished packing her clothes. I walked into the bedroom last night to find them packed in zip bags and piled on the bed; it couldn’t have been much more than what she takes on a long weekend. Which either speaks to her efficiency now, or her inefficiency on those long weekends. Whatever space she’s saving, I know I’m going to be happy to take it.

Thankfully, the trip todo list has finally started to shrink more than it grows. A certain amount of preparation stress is lifted for a road trip once that, yes, they have Targets in other parts of America. They even have Apple Stores, should I decide it imperative to pick up a 3G iPhone the day it comes out.

Speaking of toys, we got two new ones for this trip. The first: a TomTom GPS unit. I was gunning for an iPhone, but since the timing didn’t work out, this seemed like the next logical step. Normally I want to have nothing to do with this kind of automation, instead preferring the tactile experience of holding and parsing a map, but I’m allowing an exception for this trip. We’re going to a couple dozen towns and cities; for the sake of time and sanity, I’m happy to reassign some of my navigatory duties to Mr. TomTom.

The second is a very special, very dangerous, little device that allows wireless broadband from anywhere on the Sprint PCS network. It’s not mine, it’s my cousin’s, and he was gracious enough to let us borrow it for the duration of our trip. I plan on treating it like The Ring; grant it too much power, and it threatens to destroy from within. It’s just too damn useful to pass up, though. I see us enforcing a strict time policy on its use. Just enough to keep you lovely people in the loop, then it’s back in the holster for another day.


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The Numbers

miles driven
miles ridden by ferry
~ 105
gallons of petrol purchased
cheapest price per gallon (Roseville, MN)
priciest price per gallon (Rural Ontario)
nights spent at friends' homes
nights spent at hotels/motels
nights spent at B&Bs
nights spent camping
photos taken
unsolicited questions about the Fit and its gas mileage
unsolicited admirations about our awesome Travel Scrabble kit
lottery tickets purchased
money won
Sandy's license plate game score
Sarah's license plate game score
Head's up Trival Pursuit record, Sandy v. Sarah
Mini-golf record, Sandy v. Sarah
First game
Second game
speeding warnings received
speeding citations received
mph over limit we were driving
mph over limit nice Michigan state officer cited on ticket

The Plan

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