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Thursday September 23, 2004 // By Sarah

Paint in the neck

Who knew there were so many things that you need to do before you paint? The taping, the drop cloths, the taping of the drop cloths, the retaping of the taping. I was literally itching to get some paint on the wall. I had to be held back by Sandy and his mom so I wouldn’t just grab the roller and start slapping it on there. I wanted color, god damn it.

Rachel and Bob paint

When we started, though, it was like magic. Just like that, our drab sage colored living room was becoming bright and warm. Just like that our garish peach office was becoming a sophisticated copper.

Results of day 1

Although we went to bed late, having only completed two rooms, we did a lot of pre-taping, so today should go even faster. Hopefully we won’t be slowed down too much by our need to sand down their bright red Venetian plaster so we can paint over it. It seems like such a tragedy to sand off such a nice (and expensive) finish, but it’s so dark and so bright and sooooo not the color we want our hallway. After much consultation with Sandy’s mom and our friends who are renovation experts, we’re going to hold our breaths and hope for the best.

Painting the bedroom red

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