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What to expect while we’re expecting

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As we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner at our home, with almost all of our immediate family in attendance, Sandy gave a toast. “I’m thankful for having our family here,” he said. “And I’m VERY thankful that our family… is going to be growing…by one…in June.”

He kept pausing between words, waiting for screams, expecting everyone would get it, but it definitely took everyone a few silent beats to parse what he was saying: We’re having a kid.

It’s been a long road, and one we haven’t shared with many people. At some point along the way, we basically stopped being able to write our regular blog because that blog was about what was happening in our daily lives and what was happening was the same not-so-uplifting thing we didn’t want to talk about publicly, month after month after month.

Now that we’re coming out of that experience, in the best possible way, we’re ready to start blogging again. We’ve had so much fun telling friends and family our secret this weekend, and we’re looking forward to the adventure of pregnancy, with all the crazy stories that come with it. Yes, this will become Yet Another Blog About Pregnancy, but that’s the way it goes. We are over the moon about it. Lots of stories to come, about where we are now and how we got here. Hope you’re ready. We definitely are.



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