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Is that a vestigial tail or are you just happy to exist?

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Today’s appointment was meant to look for indications of Down’s Syndrome and other genetic anomalies. It was our first sonogram in five weeks, in which time little Perquackey made significant developments, such as growing arms and legs, hands and feet, a nosebone, an abnormally large head, and one other thing. One very special little feature.

Almost without fail, the first question everyone asks after they learn the news is if we’re planning on learning the kid’s gender before its born. Anyone with a passing understanding of pregnancy knows this is a decision every modern parent gets to make. Our answer has always been an unequivocal yes, and to my growing surprise, this is almost always greeted with a surprising “Really?!” Here I was thinking everyone wants to know, when it turns out the trend is swinging back the other direction. “Don’t you want to be surprised?” they ask. I can’t imagine there’s going to be much about parenthood that isn’t a surprise. I’ll take whatever assurances I can get.

So the plan was to find out at the twenty-week screening, when the fetus is grown enough to give a clear picture, one way or the other. We mentioned this point about five minutes into today’s screening, after the ultrasound technician had shown us his little head and appendages, and after she echoed the common refrain — “Really?!” — she dropped this little nugget: “Because if you wanna know, I can tell you now.”

Our eyes lit up. Hell YES we want to know. “Yeah,” she said, “I’m 100% sure about this. Earlier I was looking for his legs, and I saw this” — she points to a little nubbin shape between two slightly larger nubbin shapes — “and I thought, ‘Whoa! That’s not a leg.’”

Awesome. I’m definitely keeping that quote around and using it to embarrass him in front of high school girlfriends. Him! That’s fun to say — or rather, to say correctly. I’ve been slipping a lot and referring to it as a him, before knowing the truth, and I’d probably be lying if I claimed to not have a preference. It’s good to know which side the chromosomal coin landed on, and I can relax knowing that fate has followed Luca Brasi’s wishes.

Now that we have the information and have released it into the wild, I think I understand why people wait. This is it, news-wise. In what may turn out to be a massive PR blunder, we’ve top-loaded the two biggest pregnancy news scoops — 1. Pregnant! 2. Boy! — in a three-day span. For the next six months, it’s all stories of weight gain, crib shopping and struggles with picking a name. So be it. At least we’ve settled on a pronoun.



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