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The Swimmer

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A few times a day, for the last week, I’ve felt Perquackey swimming around. I’ve read descriptions of women feeling their babies move for the first time that say it feels like “butterfly wings.” I think I may have missed that phase, thinking it was just some part of my disastrous digestive system acting up. It doesn’t feel like the flutter of little wings. It feels very much like a tiny foot using my tummy to push off, like Perquackey’s doing laps and I’m the pool.

It makes me giggle every time. I know it’s going to start to seem totally normal, probably even irritating, as he grows and starts to kick my bladder and my ribs. But right now, it’s amazing.

Sandy can’t feel it yet – it’s too random and rare to make sure he’s got his hand on my belly at the right time, and I’m not even sure the force is great enough to be felt from the outside. So, for a few more days, Perquackey’s swim practice will be a private affair, just my little sweet potato and his uterus-shaped pool.


Amanda Cather

Jan 12 / 12:56
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