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Tuesday October 12, 2004 // By Sandy

Paper chase

We seem to have a newspaper bandit on our hands. In the two weeks that we’ve gotten the Tribune delivered to our new home, it seems like we’ve been on the horn with the Trib’s subscription hotline every other day. And on the one Sunday we’ve had since moving our weekly NYT subscription over—a Sunday that was going to involve a maiden test of our lounging and newspaper-reading station, AKA sunroom—the Times remained undelivered.

We’ve been putting up with it, hoping it’s all part the paper dealing with a new address, but yesterday delivered an extra special dose of frustration. Shortly after the (now-routine) task of walking downstairs to find our paper MIA, Sarah got a call from her parents. Big news: her father was the feature of a story in today’s Tribune. On the front page. With a huge picture.

Now we were pissed. A quick survey of our neighbors led us to learn that we’re not the only victims, though others aren’t as complaintive with the papers’ customer service department as we insist on being. One neighbor has suggested we do what she did: ask the NYT delivery folks to toss it on the back porch instead. I wouldn’t have ever thought of this, supposing the efforts of paperboys extend little beyond their honed routine of lift-and-throw, lift-and-throw, lift-and-throw…

I’m think I’m going to try to get everyone in the building to complain to the Trib when their paper comes undelivered. Hopefully, that’ll convince them to start inserting those “DO NOT STEAL” signs in each copy, or maybe we can convince them to go around the back as well. I’m hoping we’ll eventually come up with some solution. If not, if the thievery continues, we’ll have but one choice (short of laying our own trap): cancel the subscription and start reading my comics online.

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