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Soon we’ll be traveling down to Florida for our first long vacation since getting pregnant. We’re heading down to see my dad and his family, and it’ll be the first time they get to see Sarah and her embiggening belly. We’re looking forward to showing her off, with all the inappropriately probing questions from the 8- and 6-year old that will come with it. Seriously, these kids. Never met a boundary they didn’t bounce right over.

We’re also spending a few days on our own beforehand, decompressing before the third trimester kicks in and we go full steam ahead into parenthood. Besides all the normal reasons to be excited about sun and beaches, I’m looking forward to having some time to simply read, which has somehow fallen down to slot #98 on my priority list in recent weeks. I’ve got a few books on my shelf, as a I always do, but I wonder, as we quickly approach the zero-hour, if I should start to dig into the fatherhood literature. I’m not looking for manuals (thankfully I already have all I need), but more like interesting memoirs, or pop-science books on the physiology of a growing infant.

For perspective: one of my favorite parts of Steve Wozniak’s iWoz, ostensibly a book about the birth of the personal computer, was when he described his taking a hacker’s approach to fatherhood, like holding his newborn in his palm and perceiving subtle muscle motions to help him figure out what the kid was trying to tell him. I love that kind of stuff.

I have Neal Pollack’s Alternadad on loan, so I’ll probably start with that. Beyond that, not sure. Got any recommendations? I’ve got four months to bone up on this stuff before I’m out on my own. I’ll take any help I can get.


Grandma Amy

Feb 18 / 12:54
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