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Advice from the past - 1975 edition

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More advice from an earlier era, this time from Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May Gaskin’s 1975 classic anthology of childbirth stories, tips for pregnancy and birth, and guidelines for midwives.

Chill out…

“Stretch marks are less likely to happen if you’re not uptight.”

“Babies of both sexes need your free-flowing love. They have no value judgements about the sex of the person they vibrate with.”

How to stop premature labor

“She said I should start drinking some booze to see if we could slow me down…So I did. I got drunk and stayed that way for about ten days.”


“Any lady in labor is very sensitive telepathically and this is especially so at full dilation.”

Tips for childbirth

“Over and over again, I’ve seen that the best way to get a baby out is by cuddling and smooching with your husband. That loving, sexy vibe is what puts the baby in there, and it’s what gets it out, too.”

“A loose mouth makes for a loose puss which makes the baby come out easier.”

“Making love is one of the best possible preparations for childbirth, because it keeps tension from building up in your bottom, and it keeps you connected to your husband…[It] is a way that your man can be as vibrationally close to your growing baby as he can possibly be.”

“Remember your monkey knows how to do this really well. Your brain isn’t very reliable as a guide of how to be during childbirth, but your monkey is.” *

*I couldn’t actually figure out what she meant by “monkey.” Possibly your fetus. Or your midwife. Or your vagina.


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