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Baby's got back

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A few weeks back, the midwife pointed out where she thought the baby was. She estimated his head was down and his spine was curving around my left side, with his butt to the left of my belly button and his legs sticking out to the right. This made sense to me. Just the day before I had felt a crazy feeling: a big hard lump of baby just to the left of my belly button. A big hard lump of baby butt. I was excited to be able to picture what he was doing in there.

But just a week later, Perquackey decided to shake things up. He started it on the plane to Austin for SXSW with an extra dose of kicking and wiggling. After I arrived, I started noticing more pushing and stretching and big baby lumps in unexpected locations. During this time, I met Dooce, who is due the day after me, and in a sort of nonsensical fangirl ramble told her all about it. “I used to feel his butt over here, and now I feel it over here! I love your blog!”

By the time I was ready to go home, he had completely realigned himself and settled in for some kind of major growth spurt. Sandy and I can feel whole big pieces of him several times a day now, even when he’s not kicking and it’s getting easier and easier to actually see his kicks from the outside. Tuesday at the midwife, his heartbeat was like a foot away from where we heard it two weeks ago.

So that’s all awesome, and I have to say, the kicking and sticking out of his butt never gets old. But, there are some tradeoffs. Like sleeping.

I’ll go weeks at a time where I’m able to sleep until 2 or 3, wake up briefly to turn over to my other side, then sleep until 5, pee, and go back to sleep until 7 or 8. (That’s a luxurious night’s sleep for a pregnant lady, by the way). But every time Perquackey has a big growth spurt, it messes me up for days until my body can adjust to the new bulk and location of our little visitor. My hips ache, my lower back gets tight, and I find myself doing yoga routines at 3 am, trying to stretch out enough to fall back asleep.

Some nights even yoga just doesn’t work. Then there’s nothing to do but curl up on the couch to keep from waking Sandy with all the moaning and tossing and rearranging of pillows, and spend some quality time patting Perquackey’s little butt and watching him practice jumping. It’s better than Tivo.

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