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Baby needs a new pair of everything

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A few weeks ago I was talking on the phone with Tony, and he passed on a recommendation for a book that he thought we’d both enjoy. It’s called Daddy Needs A Drink. I looked it up on Amazon. I generally stay away from books that use the word “irreverent” to describe themselves in the subtitle, but I’ve been seeking good new daddy stories, and this got good reviews. That’s when I saw the big button staring me in the face: “Add to Baby Registry.” It was there even though I hadn’t set one up — I guess they assume enough of their customers are breeders that it’s worth the screen real estate to put it on every page. I clicked it.

Suddenly we had a baby registry, one item deep. I tweeted about it, thinking how funny it’d be to have a registry with nothing else on it. Then, a day passed, and I thought about how my kid might want diapers and shit (um, I don’t actually think he’ll be for want of shit), and thought maybe I should take this a little more seriously. Then I realized I had no idea what that involves.

So this is a plea for advice from all the parents out there. We’ve got this baby shower thing coming up. I’ve been told people are going to buy us stuff, and I’ve been told if you don’t tell them what you need, you’ll end up with 200 onesies, and federal regulations state that a bungee cord-tied bundle of onesies does not a car seat make.

I know this has been covered in other places a thousand times over. I’m sure there are books about it. I’m sure the Drinking Daddy touches on it. But I need a filter, and if you’re reading┬áthis, and you have an opinion on this matter, you’re that filter. Tell me, please: on day one, what will we need? What did you get that helped you the most? What do you wish you had gotten, had you had your future self to consult with?



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