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Monday October 25, 2004 // By Sarah

Our Trip to the Expensive Furniture Store

She was Amazonian in stature, Tammi-Faye-like in makeup, and wearing both a headband and a poncho. Or was it a capelet?

Her name was Stephanie G and she wanted to sell us pricey furniture.

She wanted to sell us a $2,000 bed in “merlot,” a color I like to refer to as “black.” She wanted to sell us a $2,000 bed with leather inset panels and carved woodwork, even though we’d told her we wanted “something very, very plain.” She even tried to sell us an end table that appeared to be made out of old suitcases sewn together and shellacked (“isn’t that such an interesting piece?”)

She followed us around relentlessly. (Sandy says I can’t complain about that, since we did ask for her help).

[Let me contrast this whole experience briefly with our trip to the Shady Discount Furniture Store, where the entire sales staff was sitting around on a set of couches the entire time we were in the store. It was like they were in their own living room in the middle of the store. I think they were smoking. They were certainly watching tv.]

For me, the last straw for Stephanie G came when we pointed out that the rug we liked, which was priced as a 6’ x 9’ was, in fact, only 5’ x 8’. She looked puzzled for a moment, and then she told us triumphantly that “6’ x 9’ is just like a generic kind of measure. It doesn’t really mean 6’ x 9’.”

Posted by April Saathoff // Mar 29, 22:09
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