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Ladies Night

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On Saturday night, I went to the first of two baby showers being thrown by a group of awesome friends, led by Stacey, Jill, and Julie. When they first offered to shower us, Sandy and I immediately gravitated toward doing something co-ed and not very shower-y. Our wedding shower had been a giftless affair, where guests had constructed most of the decorations for our wedding, and we figured we could keep up the tradition.

My friend Julie was the one to suggest we do two showers. She could see why we’d enjoy a big co-ed party, and she was delighted to help out with it, but she really wanted to throw me a good old fashioned shower. The mom of two little girls, she explained, “you’re only pregnant with your first baby once. I want to throw you a party that’s about you becoming a mom.”

So, a small group of women friends along with my mom and mother-in-law gathered at Julie’s on Saturday and shared stories and advice, ate cupcakes, and made hilarious bibs and onesies for Perquackey. Catherine demonstrated her unstoppable labor pain vocalization technique, which I’m totally going to emulate, despite the fact that Jeremy describes it as “like being at the Battle of Gettysburg.” My family is into Gettysburg. It’s perfect.

My mom provided trivia about my own birth for a quiz. For future reference, the correct answer to how my mom describes my birth is C) “She popped out like a cork.” I can only hope that I inherit all of the speed of my own delivery, without the troublesome overdose of pitocin my mom had to endure, and the doctor saying, “sometimes when they come out that fast, the uterus turns inside out!”

Perquackey’s a lucky kid, with a new swing, insanely cute new clothes (days of the week onesies!), art for his walls, books for his shelves, sheets for his crib, and a hand-stitched flannel blanket from Grandma Amy.

In a way, the most powerful part about the evening for me was not just that it made me feel more ready to be a mom, but that it also reminded me that in addition to becoming a mom, I’m still going to be me, and I’m still going to have all these great women to support me. Some of them are going to give me advice and hand-me-downs, and some of them I’m eventually going to give advice and hand-me-downs to. And some of them aren’t planning to have kids, and I like knowing that I’ll always have friends who regularly sleep through the night and generally avoid talking about poop.

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