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Breeders on the hunt

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Our efforts to build out this baby room have been mostly a Saturday morning affair. For the last four or five weeks we’ve gotten up early and hit the garage sale circuit in search of good deals on used baby furniture. At the top of our list is a changing table and dresser, and for the former we’re really talking about anything that can be repurposed as such. Because we’re flexible, and because we’ve got time, we’ve been holding out for something good. The garage sale scene is lousy with the same standard type of painted wooden changing table, and if we had to use one, I’m sure we’d be fine with it. But we’re letting our pickiness get the best of us, and so the search continues.

Yesterday we drove up to Winnetka for an 8am baby-centric sale, hoping to snatch up the discarded remains of the affluently lazy. (The key is to find that family that cares enough to buy the best, but doesn’t care enough to fetch its optimal resale worth on Craiglist). We held in our minds a vision of a beautiful, Danish, modern changing table, something to instill in our child a proper sense of style, starting on day 0. Instead, we found the same old table, this time painted white and barely stable. Feh.

We’re long-time garage sale shoppers, and to do them right you gotta train your brain to ignore the 99% of crap and hone in on the good stuff. Up to now, “crap” has included anything baby, which often appears in abundance at these sales. I’m pretty sure storage of baby clothes is what garages were invented for in the first place. Now that we’ve joined the breeder set, we’ve got to reprogram our brains to want all that stuff — or at least bother to sift through it. We’re not sure what we need yet, but at these prices, who could turn it down? (I know, this is how it starts.)

Saturday we made off with a modest, and dare I say judicious, haul. Got a few shirts, pants and shoes, at like $2 a pop. We know full well that there’s no way to predict what size Perquackey’ll be at what season, but these felt like a sound investment no matter the weather. We also picked up some toys, scrutinizing each one as if we had any idea what criteria to use. Maybe we should have turned them on and held them up to The Belly and see if he kicks. But then, does that mean good or bad? (We actually struggle with that one all the time. “Ohhh, he likes Thai food! Or maybe he’s saying he hates it?”) In the end we picked the ones that seemed least likely to drive me batshit insane.

The best purchases, by far, were two bouncy seats. We have one at our home already — these two are presents for the grandparents. Perquackey’s going to be spending a lot of time with them, and he should feel as much at home in their living rooms as he does in ours.


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