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History repeating, perhaps

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My mom, writing about my birth:

At my November 20th appointment, Dr. LaPata told me that the baby’s head had engaged and I was 2 cm. dilated. “You’re ready to go,” he said. “Have you had the lesson on pushing?” I panicked! That lesson was five days off, I had invited ten people for Thanksgiving, and several friends were planning a baby shower for December 3. I rushed home, packed my suitcase and the baby’s things, prevailed upon my sister to take over Thanksgiving dinner, and warned my friends they ‘d probably have to shower without me. Advice: don’t ever tell anyone that you might be early! I spent the next four weeks dilating 1/2 cm a week and fending off well-meaning queries like, “are you still around?”

My due date was Dec. 15. I was born on Dec. 20 and was, in fact, induced. I would have stayed in there longer.


At my 36 week appointment today, the midwife took a look around in there, and determined that I’m 2-3 cm dilated, 90% effaced, and that the baby’s head is “at zero” which is as far as he’ll go before starting to head out the door for real.

So, I’m going on record here: I do not expect to go into labor early. We’ve got 4-6 weeks to go here on Project Perquackey and I’m betting he takes his sweet, sweet time.

Still, it’s exciting to hear that things are progressing. I’m thinking I should wash up some onesies and pack a bag for the hospital just in case.


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