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In a comment to an earlier post, my mom said this: “fatherhood will be the best puzzle you’ll ever figure out.” I think you’ve tapped into something there, Mom.

Before we got pregnant (way before), I half-joked with some friends that “I think it’s time I have a kid. I need a new project.” Years later, I continue to find myself framing the prospect of fatherhood that way. Not that I’m going to treat my son as a specimen in an experiment — rather, the whole endeavor is a great unknown whose shape and rules I’ll have get to figure out as I go. And it’ll last for the rest of my life. What more enjoyable kind of project can there be?

Friends know me as a fanatic of intensely strategic games. The part I love most is the very beginning: learning and understanding the rules and figuring out how to work best within them. This is precisely what I find so exciting about this kid business — the rules aren’t at all clear and are constantly being revised by the players themselves. I’ll never lack for things to figure out.

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