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Procreation as art

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As if giving Perquackey my name, my everlasting love, sustenance for survival, a roof over his head, and my handsome genes weren’t enough, I’d also like to involve this kid in some kind of hare-brained, long-term art project. I’m just not sure what.

The obvious choice is some kind of photo-a-day project. This would be great, but I doubt I have the stamina for it. Photo-a-week may be a more feasible endeavor. But either of those would be pretty obvious. I’m hoping to hit on something new(-ish) to do — some kind of artistic document of his growth over time that can be experienced in, say, a minute or two, rather than, you know, real time.

Because I’m not a fraction as creative as the collective powers of the Internet, I’ve solicited ideas from a few online communities and have gotten some great ideas. Here are some suggestions that have gotten us thinking:

  • Weekly or monthly photos of the kid holding a sign with the date and kid’s age.
  • Weekly photos in the exact same setting: same furniture, same time of day. Include a toy in the frame for reference.
  • Make use of lil’ grams, once it’s launched.
  • Yearly painting party. Same sized canvas, kid gets to paint whatever he wants. Gallery showing on 18th birthday.
  • Movies instead of photos. Regular documentation of the kid eating.
  • Or just a daily 10-second “long photograph.”
  • Photo of each pair of the boy’s shoes, when they’re new and when they’re replaced. (Then, if we can stand the smell, mount the shoes — or just the soles — on the wall.)
  • Mark his height, but on a portable piece of wood, in case we eventually move and can’t take the door frame with us.
  • Plant a tree and photograph his growth next to it.
  • Monthly letter and photo on monthiversaries of birth. Compile into a scrapbook and deliver as gift at the boy’s wedding.

We haven’t settled on anything yet, and I imagine we’ll try a few out before settling into the rhythm of any one project. Heard of anything good, or got an idea? We’d love to hear it.



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