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Perquackey's Room

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We didn’t pay attention to any of this for the wedding, but it’s turning out to be a good gimmick for describing the nursery.

Something old

  • Changing table. After a long search for the perfect thing, we bought an antique table in Wisconsin to use as a changing table. With a few coats of glossy black paint on the legs and a little scraping and scrubbing to take some old, gross, caked-on goop off the white enamel top, it’s ready to go. That is, ready to get some new, gross, caked-on goop all over it.
  • Yeti suit. Sandy’s mom has given us an amazing amount of stuff saved from his childhood, much of which has made it into the room. His moses basket is holding toys, the framed children’s book covers are up on the walls. But the best of all was a giant hand-knit, kelly green snowsuit. There are cables. There are pom-poms. It’s breathtaking.

Something new

  • Dresser. We spent a lot of time scouring garage sales, thinking we’d find some amazing vintage dresser for the baby’s ever-expanding array of onesies. In the end, we did what you do when you need a dresser. We went to Ikea. Our new Anes is smooth, sleek, Swedish, and fits perfectly into the baby’s closet. Ikea also provided us with a lovely new rug, some storage for above the changing table, and some lighting we have yet to install.

Something borrowed

  • Crib. Sandy’s cousins had held onto one of the cribs their twin daughters used nine years ago, and offered it to us. It was perfect, except that sometime in the last nine years the hardware to put the thing together had disappeared. It sat in pieces against our wall for a month, until the manufacturer finally got the hardware kit out of back-order. We put it together Monday night, and boy does having a crib in the house make it seem real: baby coming soon.

Something blue

  • Walls. We went with Healing Waters instead of the other contender, Endless Rain.
  • Rocking chair. Well, it was blue. A dirty, washed-out, faded silvery blue. Now it’s amazing. My mom offered to buy us a rocking chair, but I wasn’t crazy about any that we saw on our first outing to Babies R Us. The next week, on our way to check out a few antique stores and fancy kid’s boutiques, we stopped at Salvation Army for me to drop off some stuff to donate. Sitting there in the parking lot was a glider. It was meant to be. There was some complicated negotiation where the parking lot guy sent us to the front door guy who sent us to the warehouse guy who sent us back to the front door guy. Eventually, the front door guy said, “$30? But you’ll have to pay tax.” We took it. Some Japanese fabric and a kooky reupholsterer later, we’ve now got a really awesome chair. With zebras!


shana (from childbirth class)

Jun 4 / 08:49
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