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When we deliberated about taking the childbirth class at Bloom, we consulted some friends who’d taken it previously. I wasn’t sure if it’d be something worth spending money on, figuring we could get the information ourselves through research and conversation. Our friends endorsed the experience, and said the best takeaway wasn’t necessarily the lessons themselves, but the friends they made. We signed on and were happy to find that to be exactly the case.

Despite being due just days after the last of our nine-session class was over, Emily and Dan made it through to the end. And then they made it another two weeks, as their Birdie sat in utero, content to wait as long as he or she could. Finally, two weeks ago, Birdie became adorable little Eleanor. We were lucky to be able meet and hold her on her second day alive, and as we did, and listened to Emily’s birth story, I think it became that much realer for us that we’d soon be getting one of our own.

Then, a week later and just a few days past due, Claire and Greg welcomed their own little girl, Veronica. We were soon in their living room, holding and marveling at their little creation, who we’d known for the previous 10 or so weeks as merely the contents of a growing belly. Greg told us that after they had gotten to visit Eleanor, he turned to Claire and said “I want mine.” Clearly, someone was listening.

It feels like the twenty or so of us from that class were all lining up at starting gates, and somehow Emily & Dan and Claire & Greg got theirs to open up a little early. Now they’re off and running, while we stand impatiently, tapping our feet. We are so incredibly ready to join them. Thanks, yes, to the lessons we learned in class, but much more greatly to the invaluable benefit of having several close friends going through the experience at the exact same time.

We love every chance we get to visit Eleanor and Veronica and are incredibly happy for their awesome, loving parents. I know that a difference of couple of weeks will diminish into nothing as the kids get older, but for now, it’s like an ocean. We want ours.



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