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Grooming for chaos

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It was a big weekend for Ezra. It included many firsts: his first introduction to a dog, his first time at the lakefront, his first Fourth of July, and his first time being held by five of his cousins in one ten-minute period. He should probably get used to seeing all of those repeated with some regularity.

We spent much of this weekend at the lakefront, introducing him to the great outdoors, or at least what you can get of it in the city. And I’m pretty proud of ourselves for getting out of the house and back without minimal stress. Exposure to our packrattedness (packrattery?) would lead anyone to believe that traveling beyond a mile with this kid is bound to be a hilarious clusterfuck. We’ve already been proven to leave vital components at home when leaving the house with the baby. How would we make it all the way to the beach without losing our parenting license?

Somehow, the trip out there on Friday was shockingly easy. We found a parking spot without much delay (and it would have been quicker if not for the family deciding to reconfigure their entire minivan while we waited), and we got from there to the shore without dropping a) any of our stuff or b) the baby. Then we spent a calm, uneventful two hours reading and relaxing, as Ezra slept in his shaded seat, encountering no baby snatchers or venomous vipers or swine flu-infected toddlers. I think karma was feeling sorry for us and gave us a break.

The good luck continued Sunday as we not only returned to the lakefront, but we brought along equipment for grilling and invited a few friends to join us. So now one of us was watching the kid while the other tended to the cooking and serving of food. Idle, cautious parenting? So one week ago. Give us something else to do, preferably involving fire, on top of that.

In between beach visits Ezra got some quality cousin time. He’s got scads of them, spread throughout the suburbs. A few families congregated at Adrienne & Syd’s house on the Fourth, ostensibly to celebrate our country’s independence. In actuality, country schmuntry, I wanna see that baby. Scene: all the second cousins, aged four to nine, lined up to have a seat on the couch and hold him. (Spoiler alert: none of them dropped him.) It’s hard to grasp their understanding of what a baby is — do they get that they were once that small and that Ezra will once grow to their size? Whatever it is, they sure are in awe of him. Several cousins clamored for seconds and thirds. I foresee a long life of this — at least until the next baby gets born and in one swoop siphons all the attention away.

Ezra, fortunately, went along with the whole weekend with hardly a cry or whimper. He’s really turning out to be a chill baby, and in fact seems to like motion and chaos more than quietude. We really lucked out. Not that his temperament couldn’t change on a dime tomorrow. If it does, at least we got a good two weeks out of it.

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