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Monday December 13, 2004 // By Sandy

The title of the post about the name of our apartment

This is the first sentence of the post about what we named our home. This is the second sentence. This is the last sentence of the first paragraph of the post about what we named our home, a place where you’d normally find the thesis.

This sentence has been hired to announce the name we’ve decided to give our home, but can’t figure out a way to elegantly fit it into the grammar, so he’s passing the duties on to the next sentence. In its best Don Pardo impression, this sentence would like to say, “Our home has been named TITANIA.”

This sentence hopes that you notice the superfluous use of self-reference used so far. This sentence apologizes, but feels the need to point out that it’s not going to stop. If this sentence were autonomous, it might be able to remove the self-reference used therein, but its not, so it can’t. This sentence used to question the sanity of its author, but got altered in post-production.

“yields this self-defining sentence when put (in quotes) in front of itself,” yields this self-defining sentence when put (in quotes) in front of itself. This sentence wonders if maybe all this ridiculous self-reference and recursion is meant to be a hint toward figuring out what TITANIA stands for. This sentence has no free will, and thus can’t figure it out, but asks: if you’d like to guess what it stands for, put it in the comments.

It of hell the for just, backwards written was sentence this. This sentance has threee errors, if you care to look. This sentence is putting an end to this, but wishes to thank all which came before it.

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