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Monday December 13, 2004 // By Sarah


Last night Sandy pulled out the studfinder. After the requisite jokes wherein he pointed it at himself and proclaimed his studliness, he got down to work.

To our great delight, the wall in which we aim to install some shelves has a studs in it. We were pretty sure the wall was made out of papier-mache. (This is the same wall that lost a 1’ x 3’ chunk when the cable guy drilled a teeny little hole through it).

I must have been inspired by Sandy’s tenacity with the studfinder. Today, when I picked up our horrifically horrible cordless phone, the phone that usually emits a raging shriek of static instead of a dial tone, I decided to see if there was a magical phone stud just waiting to be discovered.

And there is! By carefully sliding the office chair across the floor slats, I found my stud. 7-10 floor slats from the desk, the shrieking static dies down, and an beautiful island of dialtone appears.

Ah, the luxury of being able to use the phone in your own home. While being VERY CAREFUL NOT TO MOVE.

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