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Stay-at-home mom FAIL

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The other day I put Ezra on his playmat on his back, turned around to check my email and Facebook, and when I turned back, he was calmly lying there on his tummy. I don’t even mean that I left him in the living room and checked my email in the kitchen. The kid was three feet away from me, and I didn’t even notice he was rolling, so immersed was I in clicking “like” on other people’s pictures of their kids. Oh the irony.

So, I congratulated him, flipped him back onto his back, and waited for him to do it again. But he seemed content there on his back, so like an idiot, I checked my email again. And, oh yes, he flipped over again.

Probably 80% of the times he has ever in his life done this trick, I’ve been checking email or have wandered into another room for a minute. It’s like he likes doing it when I’m not looking. I am suddenly very, very frightened of how this little quirk of his will play out once that whole crawling thing begins.


Phyllis Mitzen

Oct 7 / 22:15
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