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I think there's been a mistake

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Because surely you aren’t really expecting me to continue to be in charge of a whole human person when I have this terrible cold. I want to be pampered and provided with chicken soup and hankies and footrubs, not up four times in the night to attempt to nurse a possibly-teething baby who has taken to treating my breast like his enemy. Seriously. He likes to get up real close to my nipple, open his mouth, squinch up his eyes, and yell directly at that thing at the top of his lungs while smashing his face into it as hard as he can.

I’m tired and my head hurts and my throat hurts and my nose is stuffy and my desperation for Ezra to fall asleep already is getting palpable. But every time his eyes start to close, they jump open again and he smiles and bangs his feet to show me how happy he is to be awake. So happy! And hungry! But boob makes Hulk smash!

That’s how it goes sometimes. Contrary. Like in this video, in which I attempt to get Ezra to show off his marvelous new giggle and he shows me something else instead.



Oct 13 / 10:01

Maureen Kelleher

Oct 13 / 19:00
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