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Why I'm looking up Spanish verbs instead of working

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While I’m primarily occupied by being a mom, I am trying to do a little work on the side, mostly freelance grantwriting and some data entry drudgery for Sandy’s web design clients. And, occasionally, I like to do some blog writing or make something out of cloth or yarn or paper.

I briefly tried to manage this without organized childcare, hoping that between naps, swaps, daddy time, and visits to the grandparents, I could get everything done. That didn’t really work out. I think some people have the laser-like focus needed to work this way: “He’s down for a nap! Drop everything and do 1.5 hours of grantwriting!” I sadly do not: “He’s down for a nap! Boy I could use a little rest and a snack, and these dishes are really piling up, and some quiet time to read sounds great, and I’ve got some emails to return. Plus that work. Oh, wait. He’s awake again.”

So, last week, I dropped Ezra off for the very first time with a babysitter who was neither a friend nor a relative. My friend Claire’s nanny Herminia is watching Veronica and Ezra together on Thursday mornings for a few weeks and so far it’s going great, though my desire to speak coherently in Spanish to Herminia far outstrips my abilities.

Here’s me this morning trying to say “He wanted to take a nap at 8:30, but we had to leave to come here, so he woke back up”:

Me: He…He…He… (trying desperately to come up with the past tense of “want”) I wanted to nap at 8:30. (True, though not what I meant). But then we…we… (here I gave up talking and just made a motion like I was throwing a baby at her).
Herminia: (polite smile)

So here I am back trabajando at The Grind for a few hours like in pre-baby times, while Ezra hopefully is continuing to impress Herminia with how guapo he is and how little llorando he does.

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