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Boy meets sausage

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Back in month one, Catherine gave us a set of custom onesies, including one emblazoned with the Hot Doug’s logo and the following text:

June 20, 2009
Today’s Celebrity Sausage
The Ezra Stanley

We’ve tried to cart Ezra off to Hot Doug’s several times in the last few months, but it’s never worked out. Until Friday, when we made a commitment to go for my birthday lunch. We squeezed him back into that onesie, ostensibly made for 3-to-6-month-olds, but who are we kidding, waited 45 minutes in line, then woke him up to get a photo with local hero Doug Sohn:

Trust me, that’s a look of wonderment, not fear. Who could be afraid of Doug?

Soon afterwards we got our dogs. I got the Jeana Keough, a blue cheese-pork sausage with pear cream sauce and chopped almonds. (Uh huh.) Ezra looked intrigued, so we gave him a lick.

He was not disappointed. What can I say, the kid’s got refined tastes. He’ll make Celebrity Sausage someday for sure.

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