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Based on Ezra’s responses, my boob appears to dispense…

Acid: his hand comes into view while he nurses. It is the most amazing thing he has ever seen. He has to stop nursing in order to view it at every angle, watching it shimmer and change colors.

Ecstasy: as he lets go of the nipple, he brings his hand to his lips and licks all his fingers because it just feels so good.

Pot: that milk was awesome, but now he’s so hungry for some reason, and he’d very much like it if I’d leave the bag of chips that is my boob out for him so he can snack occasionally for the next few hours.

Alcohol: as he drinks, he gets increasingly uninhibited, groping my boob, grunting, and waving his legs around. Then he falls asleep.


Nana Adrienne

Nov 19 / 22:56
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