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Monday December 27, 2004 // By Sarah

Netflix: We Love You

We just got Netflix this week, and it is even awesomer than I could have expected. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO THE VIDEO STORE. When Sandy and I go to the video store, we leave feeling drained and disappointed after spending 30 minutes muttering, “What movie were we wanting to see? Where’s the list? What was the one with the guy? Who did the thing?”

Now, things are different. Sandy is ecstatic because he gets to click on things. He rated like 700 movies the first night. I am ecstatic because I don’t have to make decisions on the spot. I can express vague preferences to my heart’s content.

And, we discovered last night, Netflix gives us permission to do something that just doesn’t seem right after spending all that time and emotional energy at the video store: give up on a movie.

Last night we watched Close Your Eyes. This movie was totally my kind of thing: British people! Psychological drama! Serial killer! Obscure historical cults! Sandy isn’t really a big fan of any of these things. So, he stopped watching and I curled up on the couch and dug in. It was great. He got to go on his computer and click on things, and I was free to clutch the blanket in terror in peace.

I foresee a great future for us with Netflix. There will be movies for Sandy, and they will involve gambling and other depressing pastimes…and I will go do craft projects. And there will be more movies with British people chasing serial killers…and Sandy will, well, go click on things.

Posted by Sandy // Dec 29, 19:45
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