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Adventures of Aquababy

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I was not born of a water birth. Nor am I a Pisces. Yet I am fully water-obsessed. Any chance I can get to be underwater, I take it. And it is my intent to bequeath this hydro-love to my son. As soon as we could, I got us signed up for Aquababies session at the local gym. These aren’t swimming lessons in the traditional sense; they’re more like “let’s get used to this water thing so you know what you’re doing when the real lessons start” lessons.

Ezra’s already got a strange relationship with water. He seems to think it’s his job, when he encounters it, to move it out of his general vicinity. It’s not like he hates it, he just thinks it’s his job. This is most apparent during bathtime. The entire time he’s in the mini-tub, he’s flailing his arms about, splashing water out of the tub in the only way he knows how. He seems perfectly content, but also perfectly determined to put it back where it belongs — in the drain.

I expected similar behavior at the pool, but I didn’t get it. Instead, he reacted about as nonchalantly as one could when thrust into an expanse of water with fifteen other babies, some of whom are crying, none of whom he knew — he spent the whole time relaxed, looking around, taking in the scenery. “What, water?” he seemed to be thinking. “Been there, Dad. No big thing.”

Meanwhile, I’m doing what every other parent is doing: trying to channel the excitement we expect/want to see out of our kid. We’re the ones singing the songs, the ones smiling and giggling, the ones making splashes by moving our babies’ legs up and down for them, while they all wonder what the eff is going on. Which is fine, I’m sure for many of us it’s just an excuse to get in a pool and play.

We’re heading down to Florida in February to see Ezra’s grandfather and family, and we’re excited to introduce him to the ocean. I don’t know if the Aquababies class will prepare him entirely for the experience — the ocean is noticeably lacking in other babies, and the pool in salt and jellyfish — but it should help. As long as we get some adorable video, we should be fine. I want the TV producers to have some heartstring material to work with when covering his epic run in the 2028 Olympics.

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