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More from the Weisz family songbook

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We’ve finally established something of a bedtime routine, and I’ve been figuring out what I’d like our regular lullaby to be. Jim Ellwanger generously sent us a whole mix of bedtime songs, which I’m excited to learn. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for a good repetitive expandable song, a la the mockingbird song.

This week I think I hit on a winner. I’ve been singing him snippets of lots of songs from our favorite (only) children’s album, Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Little Bird, but hadn’t been totally sold on any one of them as a good lullaby. Then a few nights ago, I was singing the classic Korean baby song Zousan from the album:

Elephant, elephant, you have a very long nose.
Yes my mama has a long nose, too.
Elephant, elephant, tell me who do you love.
Oh you know it’s my mama that I love.

As I sang, I looked up at our wall, and realized that I have some new verses right at my fingertips. Samples from the extended mural remix:

Juggler, juggler, you have very fast hands.
Poodle, poodle, you have a very curly coat.
T-Rex, T-Rex, you have very short arms.
Vampire, vampire, you have very sharp teeth.

I find myself singing to Ezra more and more these days, not just at night. Here’s our new poop song:

There’s a smell in your pants that’s suspicious.
An odor that’s not too delicious.
I don’t know just what
Came out of your butt,
But I’m certain it isn’t nutritious.

That last line is still a work in progress. I’ve experimented with using ambitious or knishes, but can’t get it quite right. Joe suggested seditious. The poop is political.

I’m also doing a remake of the Addams Family, starring Ezra:

He’s spunky and he’s chunky,
He’s altogether hunky,
He is my chunky monkey,
He’s Ezra Stanley.

Meanwhile, Sandy is working on some new songs involving Ezra’s toys, which he is attempting to name after characters from The Wire. This is the theme song to Ezra’s morning show, for instance:

It’s time for the Silly Buddy Show
With Mr. Ezra and his dog Prop Joe
So lace up your boots and put your tie in a bow
It’s the Sil-ly Bud-dy Shooow!

Coming to Nickelodeon any day now.



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