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The Funcles

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After our trip to Puerto Rico, we hopped on a second (mercifully undelayed flight) to Miami, followed by a commuter rail ride to West Palm Beach in order to reach our true destination. Sandy’s father and his family live in WPB, and they were suffering from some rather extreme Ezra withdrawal.

Ezra has two young uncles in Florida, Andrew (6) and Martin (9), collectively referred to around our house as The Youncles. After this trip, they will henceforth be known as The Funcles in honor of the zany good time they showed their nephew.

They danced silly dances for him, swam with him, carried him around the house, tickled him with feather boas, brought out all their toys for him to play with, and showed him rap music videos on YouTube.

And while Ezra is an old pro at blowing raspberries, The Funcles showed him how to take it to the next level:

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