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The sound of one baby clapping

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Last weekend, Ezra figured out how to wave. For days, he had been raising both hands, making fists, and then twisting them back and forth. On that day, he finally managed to raise just a single hand and wave it back and forth. As we laughed and cheered, he started doing it more and more. He would look at us and back at his hand in wonder at its dexterity. Matthew and Joe were over, and they both got to see his new skill evolve at a breakneck pace over the course of an hour.

Then he took a nap. When he woke up, he’d forgotten how to wave.

No matter. He woke up having figured out how to clap. He raised both hands, twisted them back and forth, and then brought them slowly together. We waved and waved, but to no avail. The day of waving was apparently just a developmental prelude to the clapping, and it fell quickly by the wayside.

For the last week, he has worked hard on his new clap. For the first few days, it was totally silent, but then he discovered the speed and angle to use to make a satisfying noise, and he was off and running.

Here, he shows off a wide range of his skills, including clapping, lip smacking, yelling, and zombie-style mama-eating.

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