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I’ve made some cool stuff recently.

1. Kitchen Mat
After an initial prototype riddled with design flaws, I went back to the drawing board and made this special mat that fits perfectly in front of our corner sink. The top is covered with tiny owls, the underside is terrycloth, and the two layers are stuck together with fusible web to avoid having to quilt it, which would have been a lumpy disaster. There’s a non-skid pad underneath, and when Ezra doesn’t lift these up and carry them around, the whole thing stays put fairly well.

2. Hooded Towel
I balked at Target when I realized that the toddler-sized hooded bath towels were like $15. Feeling confident the internet would hook me up with a better solution, I bought some colorful striped (non-hooded) bath towels, and got to googling. Here’s the solution. I returned to Target for matching hand towels, and whipped up a cozy hooded wrap. It was super easy, and I only broke one sewing machine needle while trying to sew through five layers of terry cloth.

3. Ed Emberly Pillow
I never buy things online on a whim, but when I saw this Ed Emberly printed fabric on Wee Wonderfuls, I knew I would be forever sad if I passed it up. I got a quarter yard, and used it to make a throw pillow to sit on the futon under Ezra’s Emberly mural. Measuring for piecework is apparently way beyond me, and I made a lot of mistakes on that tiny orange border, but eventually ended up with something awesome. Ezra likes to talk to the animals and kiss them goodnight.

4. The Grey Alpaca Sweater: An Odyssey
In the summer of 2006, I started a charcoal grey alpaca sweater in Blue Sky Alpaca sport. It’s finally finished. It started out as a v-neck, but it never looked right to me, probably because what I really wanted was something with a round neck. At one point I ripped out eight inches off the bottom. At another point I pulled out half of both sleeves. I started the button band and collar at least four times. This year Stacey talked me off the ledge of frogging the entire thing, and I finally came up with a workable compromise solution that more or less made the undesirable v-neck into something round-ish. My only complaint is that it’s pilling like crazy already.

5. Summer Top
In 2008, I tried making a top. This year, while trawling through my fabric drawer, I discovered an almost-completed version in a pretty blue flowered gauze. The actual pattern (Simplicity 4859) has since disappeared, but I was high off my grey sweater victory, and I decided to forge ahead. I had already made the collar facing, but had no idea how it was supposed to attach to the shirt. I definitely didn’t do it right, since there’s a massive, messy, many-layered unfinished edge lurking just inside the neckline. Also, the collar doesn’t lay flat and its shoulder seams are about an inch misaligned from the shoulder seams of the shirt. The shoulders are quite pointy. The hem is not the least bit straight (holy cow, I was not good at working with gauze), and it’s done in a different color entirely than the hems on the sleeves. But here’s the thing: I have worn it several times, and nobody said derisively, “Um…that shirt is pretty uneven and crazy looking. Did you make it yourself? While drunk?” It just looks like a shirt.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on one of these zipper pouches to help me transfer my wallet, keys, and phone from diaper bag to computer bag to purse. I’m pretty sure one of these is in order, too.

This whole post is by way of preparation for me to go full-on craft blogger on you in mid-May as I participate in Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and attempt to sew stuff for Ezra and his pals for an hour every day from May 10-17. Pants!


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