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Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Day 1: Indecision

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Last night I encountered and persevered through my personal craft demon: indecision. This happens to me all the time. I have a great idea, I think it through, I get super excited about it, but when I actually have the fabric in my hand, I get cold feet. (Sometimes I don’t get the cold feet until I’ve already cut out big pieces, so then I’ve got crafter’s block and a big mess to clean up.)

Last night I sat down to make these adorable kneepad pants. This tutorial is incredibly clear and easy to follow, I had a big swath of tan cotton all picked out for the pants, and figured that with all that fabric stuffed in my closet, the kneepads would just fall into place.

But then, instead of following her advice about printing an oval and using it as a template, or her other advice about the cozy padded quality of jersey kneepads, I experimented with rectangular kneepads and crazy uneven hand-drawn ovals in all sorts of quilting cottons with polka dots and owls. Nothing looked right. (And, yes, I did cut out a few trial pairs before I gave up).

This is the point in the project where I usually put it away for a year or two, only to find it later and give up on it all over again. Instead I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that I had chosen to follow this tutorial instead of one of the other excellent make-your-own baby pants tutorials out there because I thought those pants looked cool. And here, right here, were instructions for making those pants.

I printed out an oval, I found an old jersey shirt to cut up, and I made those kneepads. And they are adorable.

For tonight: finishing the waistband and hem, then, hopefully without an hour of hesitation and indecision, a Prudent Baby pocket bib.

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